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This program was formed around honesty, integrity, respect and raising productive successful adults. We teach a lot of old ways such as cooking from recipes, learning how to start and maintain a garden, raising animals and teaching trades such as welding, mechanics and woodworking. Our goal is to teach towards careers.

Opportunity to get involved 

Here at Permian Basin Homeschoolers LLC we strive to get our students and Co op participants out into the community to give back. We hope to show our students and our community what it means to give back and the importance of volunteering. All employees/adults who help teach our classes, chaperone our field trips and put together events are all volunteers. This is what allows us to keep tuition for our private school students the lowest in the area. Any donations received goes towards purchasing new improved curriculums for students, supplies for academics or help in funding our community projects. Anything is appreciated.

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